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Transitions, oh Transitions, by Jillian McLaughlin

  Using the Skills of Emotional Intelligence: Bringing Your Best Self to All You Do This summer after living and working in Kansas City (the city of BBQ, beer and Baseball as my husband likes to say), my family returned to our original home in Toronto. We left the States all the […]

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Let's Get Talking (and learn about each other on a different level)

  Sometimes it's just a simple, additional question that can take a conversation from basic to exceptional. When talking to a co-worker or friend, (especially at this is the time of year) take a moment and 'take their pulse'. Learn from them and engage more fully. It seems […]

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Prickly Change

  Change can be gnarly and it can put stress on very familiar relationships. I am happy at this time of year to reflect and determine how I want to be, live, thrive and assist. I am ready for some big personal changes and I can feel my discussions with clients and friends […]

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