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Connecting from Ears to Fingers by David Alery



Modern communication has become a plethora of key strokes and flashing thumbs – or - for some of us, a single poking finger at times. Of course, the finger thingy started with sticking it in a plastic round object with holes and dialing to the right, but I digress.

Are we better off with today’s non-verbal platforms to communicate? Were we indeed designed with two listening portals that are becoming less used? And certainly less effective. No argument, at times emails, texting and social media are a fine mechanism for communicating. But…

Humans were meant to interact, personally. Face to face or at the very least, in a verbal manner, where the nuances of speech can be detected, embraced, made fun of, copied, corrected or brushed aside. Nonetheless, the possible friction of having a conversation, talking to one another, is indeed, critical in our growth as humans – and making progress in the interaction you so easily execute with fingers.

How easy is it to ignore emails? Sales professionals say all the time – so and so did not answer my email. What is the response to this?

Pick up the phone and dial their number!!

Not lost on me - many, many people today have never dialed a phone…But that is not the point.

If you truly want to connect, make positive contributions to your efforts, and maybe the other side. Make it easier to resolve any issues, you will need to embrace the friction, through verbal communications. Be intentional in creating face to face meetings. Breakthroughs will happen.

You will be amazed what all of us can give to one another when we truly connect as humans.

Thank you to David Alery - with decades of excellent service within UPS - he knows what he's talking about!