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Dealing with Ambiguity, as Always


From the time I can remember anything, I felt like I was always unsure of what was next. My life, like most of those I know, has not translated in any way close to my initial dreams (although what has transpired is truly lovely). Living in ambiguity has been a mainstay over here. To complete the puzzle, it is true that small business owners just live the the grey area. I can't illustrate this more than the PPP loan application overload. Small businesses live on the edge.  

However, you will never get truer and more beloved service, more certain deadline completion, smart cost effectiveness and a better partnership than engaging a small business. Living in ambiguity allows for 'out of the box' thinking that manifests in the most positive ways to service clients. In my world it's about pivoting to offer programs virtually while also understanding what content is simply worth our clients' precious time. Being a true partner and working from the same side of the desk is more important than ever before. 

It's really not about living in ambiguity but thriving in ambiguity. Being able to put fear on the back-burner and think thorough a new reality. Small business owners have been groomed for this since opening their doors (for me, 18 years ago).

Immediately as workers were moved to their home offices five weeks ago, Dondi and I quickly aligned to offer hour long, working sessions full of best practices on how to create collaborative relationships in the virtual world. These three offerings were incredibly successful and even allowed us to meet new people during this nutty time! This week we are rolling out a class on change management, but are already noticing what Dondi calls 'virtual fatigue.' This occurs when there are too many virtual meetings on the books. Virtual sessions take a different level of concentration. So being nimble (as we are known to be), we are encouraging participants to engage virtually, but to relax into it. You don't have to keep that 'on stage ' face and as a matter of fact, you can listen along without an appearance on Zoom. Just chill, follow along with the workbook and gather your thoughts for your individual skill theme packet on managing change.

Small business owners are truly designed to live in ambiguity – we have to be – and this skill is of benefit to those that choose to team with us.

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