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Do I have space in my brain for that?



First of all, I am going into my virtual confessional and admit that I have plenty of time and space in my brain to figure out how to cast some professional lighting on myself when engaging Zoom. Okay, one more confession: I might have learned the value of good lighting by seeing before and after pics of some Bravo Housewives. (For your pleasure, I have added a link to an article on lighting at the end of this blog post.)

Time in my life is abundant right now (how fortunate am I to be at home, run a tiny business that I pray stays in place and be with a kid I thoroughly enjoy) –  but my head space seems to be crowded and I need to weed it out. The question of the hour (yes, 24 of them), is 'Do I have space in my brain for that?' 

So what to fill the brain with...each time I run up against a wall in my head this simple question has become my mantra. I have just a few months left before the kid flies the nest. I want her to have the happy memories that we have been building for 18 years to continue as unblemished as possible. So creating good vibes in my home is imperative. Room to think on that – check.

I just want to talk to those that matter the most. My brain does not seem to have time for trite or complicated connections that may be difficult to navigate. No time in my brain for platitudes either. Using my head space carefully – check.

I have read and agree that we must address our grief, for whatever we have lost to date during this crisis. So, I give this the due it deserves, a tear too close to the surface seems to be at the ready. I share some words of acknowledgment of this predicament with my daughter and then we do move on. Head space to acknowledge this reality – check.

Yes, we can fill our time with any number of combinations of work, cleaning, exercising, cooking, tv, internet browsing and going on Facebook Live to request a show tune from Marie's Crisis. But we have our greatest choices in the quiet moments (where we spend our mental energy) – the connections we keep building with others inside our home and out are the order of the day – check.

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