Training Evolution Blog

'I'm still learning.'  Michelangelo


I am still learning as well, and it has never been more evident than when I decided to create multiple platforms for Training Evolution. I had always been solid in my understanding that platforms were used to accessorize Elton John's couture ensembles. Well, I'm 8 weeks in and think I might be getting the hang of it. Look for cool emails, with CTA's (the buttons that lead you to FREE stuff) and updated workshop choices. Right now on the website, check out the free Conversation Starter Coasters for your desk or conference room table and the free Mentoring Tools.

It's true, we were mentoring before mentoring was cool. We do it better by following best practices learned over our 12 years of creating mentoring culture. We are still building mentoring communities and helping with administrative support – but more organizations are asking for us to build content just for them – content they can run with immediately and use without limits.

If you have any thoughts or have learned anything magical that can help me create a bigger (more platform size) footprint on the crazy, mammoth-size web, I am totally open to learning from you. What have you got?