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Just Zooming Along


Looks like everyone has stolen my thunder and now works from home. My secret is out and we can all make working from home the flexible, non-conforming alternative to ‘business as usual’ at the office. Adding the Zoom platform is what I have found exceptional in the new reality. After having the honor of listening to Dondi Scumaci engage groups on the new business competency, virtual communication, I have engaged some new skills that work for me. You may wish to give them  a whirl.

Maybe it is the current climate of anxiety mixed with the unknown, but I find myself much more visibly vulnerable on Zoom. Being a ‘woman of a certain age' – (that’s over 50 and happier emotionally than I have ever been - so there!), I have been debating the most flattering set-up. The cameras and lighting have been not so much a challenge but something to play with, just as my choices of clothes or jewelry. However, what has surprised me is how easy the adjustment has been and how readily I am able to address it on a call. I just share a bit of how I feel (maybe a bit of my  self-conscious vibe) and before I know it I'm laughing and realizing every single person is having the same reaction. Sharing an insecurity in a way, has empowered me, and I make connections with greater ease. No, I am not whining or asking for compliments, just throwing out there a few thoughts and receiving awesome feedback. 

The other significant alteration I have felt using the Zoom platform (and even on a basic phone call) during this national emergency is that we should take a moment at the top of the call to check in. And not just a ‘how’s the family?’, ‘ are you healthy?’, ‘are you home-schooling?’ –  but a serious moment of sharing. Today one of my clients that I always recognized as all-business, was more relaxed and I learned we had many life experiences and home-life similarities. She still had to pop off just at the appropriate time to make her next meeting (our call had a different pace but was the same length as usual), but the time we spent together was enriching  for me and I hope for her as well. I believe our working relationship will be even stronger after this simple conversation. I believe the future holds more opportunity to further meet and exceed her business needs as I know who she is and what her priorities are (in and out of work).

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