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Prickly Change



Change can be gnarly and it can put stress on very familiar relationships. I am happy at this time of year to reflect and determine how I want to be, live, thrive and assist. I am ready for some big personal changes and I can feel my discussions with clients and friends reflect just that. I try my best to make sure my increased stress and emotions do not bleed over into my work interactions, but I am human and I fail. I have learned that taking

 a simple breath and pronouncing the following words work like magic, ‘I am in the place I am supposed to be.’ It is my mantra and is the brace I need to cross whatever bridge I am stomping over.

When there is change within an office or a specific work group it can lead to distrust and even paranoia. This may look like a group of people chatting about potential new institutional rules or goals or management changes. This is poisonous and can spread effecting morale, and the bottom-line. It’s true management teams can’t share every piece of data but more is best and there is a way to smooth the path for employees.

A perfect day to start the new year is with a two-event day. One event for managers to develop tools and an understanding of how to share news of change. The second event for full teams or employees to understand the stages of change and our determined reactions to it. It helps to hear choices of delivery and reciprocity. Best practices indicate that on-site communication training is a fast way to learn from your groups and offer them new tools (or a refresher). If individuals are truly troubled and can’t release the fear of change, on-sites can help determine who needs additional help. Executive coaching is worth it – to relate to and assist a valuable employee. Both on-sites and coaching are the best holiday gifts you can give your work partners and they deserve it – your organization does as well!