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The Resiliency Fix

Keeping it tactical and keeping on track.



I keep thinking that my need for resilience would lessen as I age. But no, the need to implement this skill does not decrease – yet I am happy that I have honed my resiliency skills (wish it didn’t take so much practice). The kiddo getting ready for college is testing my resiliency and heaven knows her leaving will test it further. But who would have thought that taking the opportunity to engage on social media and working on the Training Evolution website would give me another opportunity to get-it-together? The enormity of the task and the vast amount of conflicting information about how to ‘increase my footprint’ is daunting. Asking friends and communicating the stress is helpful. I always seem to turn to Dondi when figuring out these very human skills.

Dondi Scumaci has assisted a Fortune 50 Company for years and years. She wrote Resiliency in Action just for them. But I am lucky to be able to absorb the information and good vides by osmosis – a front row seat to coordinating training is a help! Here are some best practices that I am currently putting into practice:

  • Resiliency is about making choices, taking action that is consistent with what we value, what we are passionate about. It is doing what it takes to get ourselves from here to there. This concentration on the outcome and then planning accordingly keeps me tactically oriented and working on things I can attend to.
  • How we view an event will indeed shape our response to it. Our response will shape the outcome and our outcomes shape our expectations. And the cycle continues. It's good to start on the first part of the cycle and work on initial perceptions. Perception is 9/10 of the law.