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The World as We Know It


RubberDuckyWhat a world we are living in. As I talk to my smart 18 year old about thrilling college choices (with the ridiculous money conversations attached), and at the same time try to share integral information about the Coronavirus, my world has truly turned upside-down. Focus and priorities can shift in just a few weeks. It's time to put all the old tricks that I have accumulated from years of 'talking training', (sometimes being the caring friend or unofficial corporate psychologist) to work.

So as the title to this blog indicates, we have to look at the world as we know it. There are no magic wands or hardcore rules to approach exciting changes (college) and at the same time temper expectations (virus). In our household when the world looks larger than manageable and when the unknowns are frightening, it is the time to get grounded – we call this 'just taking care of 9410.' 9410 is our house number and we know it's time to concentrate on what counts. Although I have raised a social justice warrior and a highly motivated learner and I am an outgoing individual that loves a good kiki with friends, sometimes you just need to get in the bath, throw in the salts and soak.

What can I control? What happens in my home. So it's time to be lovely to each other, know that everything in life is a phase. I can make sure I treat those I love with respect and empathy. I can make sure I engage enough warm and kind rituals (soaking in bath, eating smart - with occasional homemade chocolate chip cookies) so that I am able to manage my emotions and stay clear. I'm not saying that this is easy and that I am an expert. I have had moments lately that are not pretty – and mainly occur within my head. On the phone at work, I have been hearing more anxiety and worry than I can remember. Weirdly this 'company' makes me feel less alone and gather a sense of community – even from '9410.'