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Turning Frustration into Determination (or keeping the stress eating to a miminum)



My education continues. When we chat, I am determined to share valuable tips and best practices the Training Evolution Team has learned after years of assisting workgroups to aspire and become their best selves, reaching their potential. I want this to be of value to you every time you read my blog – I certainly don’t want to waste your valuable time. 

For me to learn (and I am engaged in learning new computer platforms to broaden our scope), I must have an understanding of where we are ‘driving’. Without a roadmap and a true sense of what needs to happen during my weekly technology and strategy meetings, my frustration grows to a state where I truly don’t know whether to laugh or cry. My emotions align to each step. If I feel frustrated, it helps to know what the next step will be and how my eventual accomplishment directly correlates to my ultimate goals.

Who better to talk about this with than the Queen of Corporate Culture Understanding, Dondi  Scumaci – she has been addressing this same situation with more and more teams. Organizations are choosing to purchase our content and also have Dondi come in and train those that will be sharing the data. She connects all to the benefits of training, the objectives and what to expect during the training event. She knows that she must speak to the ‘why' of every concept. As adult learners, the way in which we receive information changes (in a big part because of the myriad of other work and home responsibilities). I envy my daughter who is planning to leave for college next year as she will be able to focus entirely on her learning and community building. Freedom!

Another gem from Dondi is an acknowledgment that each individual that is training should rely heavily on the 'bringing yourself to it' element of training design. This means for each concept, she creates a question or an exercise for trainers to think it through, they experience the concept in a personal way, so they can internalize it. This creates a depth to the training that cannot be replicated by a script or step-by-step guide. 

Here are two Best Practices for trainers to keep the frustration level down and make intensified learning stick:

  • Connect each element of the training to the big picture. Repeatedly share what outcome you are working towards (and why it is best for participants to get there), keeping rotten attitudes at bay.
  • Create a question or exercises for trainers to think through, allow them to experience the concept in a personal way – so they can internalize it. This creates a depth to the training that cannot be replicated by a script or step-by-step guide.