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Unconscious Bias, the Personal Story

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Okay, so I am still figuring out this blogging monster. As I move along, please let me know if you like the direction. The focus now is on unconscious bias. Let’s open this important topic and spend a few weeks uncovering best practices to understand, teach and engage  on this sometime sensitive subject.

Right up front, I confess, I have bias. It is not fair and it is not right. I consciously make efforts to overcome it and I am winning the war in my head. My bias is tired and does not hold water. Never one for strenuous exercise, I was tired of carrying around the heavy weights.

Here goes: in our divided world (economically, politically, spiritually), I am not going to allow my friends, relatives and work partners’ world views to color my relationships with them. The more we look at each other through the lenses of political thought, the more distant our actual united goals become. I am confident that my friends and teammates are kind, loving, empathic and that their desired outcomes for humanity are the same as mine. So consciously releasing this bias, has made our communications more honest. We have created trust to such a level that organizational change and innovation have become less fearful and daily conversations with friends is not fraught. The impediment of bias is personally and professionally devastating. 

Dondi Scumaci, Queen of all Organizational Excellence, knew a decade ago and shouted out that Mentoring is Diversity in Action. Mentoring is just one tool to combat bias. In the next few blog posts I will be sharing insights and best practices we have learned from teams within workshops and bias-breaking mentoring communities.

Get Conscious about Unconscious Bias

Bias Breakers Best Practices:

• When working with groups and uncovering bias and the impact on teams, Dondi drives concepts to a behavior level, so they are actionable. Nothing makes it real until participants uncover their personal impact.